Our Path To Parenthood

Becoming dads through surrogacy.

Hello From NH

We’re the Chieras and we feel so lucky to have the opportunity to tell you about us, and give you a few reasons why we feel we would make great dads. Mostly, we want you to know how much we consider you a hero and respect you tremendously for considering matching with us in our path to parenthood. Our hearts are overfilled with love in dreaming about finally becoming parents, and we our incredibly excited to be involved with the pregnancy through love and support and always reminding our children all the wonderful people who made them possible.

Chris and Keigen undercover as ninja turtles

Keigen making dinosaur nuggets with ‘Uncle Ank’

Mahima covered in kisses from our dog Logan

About Us

We met several years ago at a Boston café after speaking online. We talked and laughed throughout the afternoon and evening until the restaurant nearly closed. We have been inseparable ever since!

In time, we moved in together and added our sweet boxer Logan to our family. We eventually moved outside the city and purchased the home of our dreams. On a beautiful summer’s day drive, Frank popped the question along the oceanside. We were married a year later in Newport, RI and have dreamt about growing our family ever since.

Chris is the President of a successful web design agency and works from his home office, which allows for a flexible schedule to raise a child. Frank is the Senior VP of Marketing for one of the largest cooperatives in the country with nearly 3,000 retail stores in North America and abroad.

Our jobs allow us to vacation around the world, an experience we can’t wait to expose to our child starting with their first flight on an airplane.

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Our Home

We live in suburban Salem, NH on a grass covered acre, safely lined with arborvitaes and fencing in a quiet residential development. We have a warm tuscan inspired 3 thousand square foot, 4 bedroom home, with a cathedral ceiling living room where we will gather around the stone fireplace for story time. Neighboring homes have multiple friendly children ranging from tiny tots to teens. We are centrally located 30 minutes from Frank’s office and a mere 30 minutes from historic Boston. Along with the cities offerings such as the renowned Children’s Museum, NH holds adventures for a little one such as amusement parks, ski slopes and sandy beaches.

Frank & Chris

  • Frank by Chris

    Frank is an extraordinarily outgoing natural leader who truly enjoys carrying an intimate conversation equally as well as he delivers a vision on stage to hundreds of people.

    He rushes home everyday anticipating family time and cooks a culinary delight nearly every night. He can’t wait to teach his six hour sauce to our own child as his mom did with him. Like any good Italian, he cooks to bring family and friends together.

    Frank is a true craftsman. He loves working with his hands around the house and is able to fix or build anything with a seemingly endless amount of practical knowledge. He spends his spare time restoring our family’s classic car just as he did with his father. Frank dreams of passing on that tradition to our own child.

    He is a funny big kid at heart, probably because he has the biggest heart I know. We can be miles apart and pick up the phone at the same time, thinking the same thought. His nurturing nature makes everyone around him feel cared for, and is why no one could be a better dad.

  • Chris by Frank

    Chris is the most caring and compassionate person I’ve ever known. That quality I attribute to he himself being adopted and being surrounded by so much love growing up. He truly reminds me that life above all is about love.

    He has an uncanny drive and ability to solve any problem he faces. He built his own company from scratch and always follows through.

    Chris has an incredible attention to detail and thinks of everything. For Halloween, he designs individual themed candy wrappers for trick-or-treaters and I can only imagine the creative halloween costumes he and I could create for our own little child.

    He loves testing and reviewing the latest tech gadgets to make our home safer and more enjoyable. He has a true love for photography in hopes of recording our child’s life.

    I can’t remember my life before Chris, and I love him and his smile with every ounce of my being. He truly is my soulmate and could not imagine a better partner to raise a well rounded child.

Friends & Family

We are both blessed for having an incredibly supportive and loving family. Frank is the oldest of three, consisting of his sister and brother. While his dear father passed away many years ago, Frank remains very close to his mother and family whom we visit often. They quickly welcomed Chris as part of the family. Chris was adopted and cared for by his grandparents and godmother. He has three half brothers, an uncle, a half sister and nieces who also live nearby. He has recently reunited and grown close with his birthmother and her lovely adopted daughter.

Both of our families ask often when they will become grandparents, aunts, uncles and babysitters. We cherish spending the weekend with Frank’s colleague’s son Keigen. He brings us so much joy, from a day at the aquarium to reading a bedtime story as our dog Logan lays alongside. All our close circle of friends are thrilled at the prospect of welcoming a new playmate for their children.

Frank and Keigen at the Boston Aquarium

1st year hosting Chris’ family for Thanksgiving

Longtime sailor Chris, teaches Keigen to sail

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Whether you are a surrogate or egg donor considering helping us achieve the greatest gift of life, or people on a similiar journey looking for friendship and support, we can't wait to get to know you all. Feel free to reach out to us at anytime.

With All Our Love,
Frank & Chris